A Whole New Year

Another year has passed. Another year where something hasn’t clicked, and life hasn’t started, or at least not the life I am striving for.

Or has it?

Last year was one of unparalleled difficulty for almost everyone globally. This is, in recent history, the first tome the world has been impacted by something that is not war. A disease, a pandemic. Something which brought the world to it’s knees.

For many there is no solver lining. Many people have lost loved ones, and our mental health has suffered enormously.

For me, although it feels somewhat crass to say it, there has been a silver lining. It has focussed me on what I want for my future.

I have 40 goals / objectives for my forties. I am now 41, and although I have not shared my goals I can share that one of my achievements is publishing my first novel. Yes that’s right, I write.

It has given me a huge sense of pride, and although it has not sold nearly as well as I had hoped the entire process has been one of extreme fun. This helps motivate me to do more.

So with that I start my Lactic Fire journey again. And this time, I will finish it. I will be sharing my 40 for 40’s soon, and then my journey to tick off the successes.

For I will be successful, I will change my life and on that road, I will change the lives of many, many others.

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