And Here I Go Again On My Own

I have restarted this journey so many times I have lost count. With each renewed start motivation is high and intentions are good, but each time I stumble and fall. Each time I go back and wipe my previous posts, as I have done again here, and each time I swear it will be different. This is the curse of the struggle.

It’s “easy” for some to institute change without fear, without hesitation. For some of us, however, it get’s increasingly harder. There’s so much out there meant to encourage or motivate that purely doesn’t. Mostly because it doesn’t acknowledge for a lot of us this is a monumental shift. One that so many cannot achieve. One that, in reality, takes away so many lives at young ages.

Whether it be obesity, depression or addiction the are so many people that never break the cycle. While there probably is content out there which can help, it is most likely drowned out by the more popular content. You know the content I mean, the “pay 40 bucks and learn the secret to weight loss/money making/dating/success” etc.

Immensely popular content that makes it’s creators a huge amount of money. Some are genuine, I am will to gamble however that most are not. Pretend to be rich and successful to make money and become rich and successful. If that works, more power to you. However it doesn’t really help anyone but the individual selling the course. There is nothing wrong with monetising your success and charging something to teach and help others, but first I think you should inspire and motivate others.

As I post more and more, it will be genuine and from my experience on this journey. The successes, the failures, the lessons. If I make it to my goals and objectives I want to bring people along on that journey and ultimately help people. So as we go through the weeks and months expect honesty, as I share what I’ve tried and failed at, including so called side hustles and passive income.

These are not AI written blogs. These are written by my typing fingers, my very real intelligence and my personality.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope it helps.


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