Trying to explain what Lactic Fire means is somewhat akin to trying to distill the factors that make us who we are as individuals. What started as a never ending journey to kick start my physical fitness goals has morphed into a realisation that there is so much more to my life I wanted to change than just my body.

This is now a place for discussion, for information, for opinion.

I unashamedly want to help men find a place in a world that is changing. So much is happening right now, and as I trawl social media and consume content, a huge majority is aimed at denegrating men. Worse still, the responses to that play into the denegration.

So this is a space specifically aimed at men (although much will resonate with everyone) without turning it into a mud slinging, who has it harder conversation. There is room for people to care about and try and help everyone, without trying to bring others down.

While I could never complain that life has treated me overly harsh, or that I have been unsuccessful when compared to the “average”, I have not felt truly fulfilled by the life I have led. I have always had a gut feeling there was more to what I wanted in this world than what I was doing.

This transformed Lactic Fire from purely a physical transformation to a life transformation journey. It covers my hopes and dreams, everything I want to achieve from the physical, mental, professional and person angles. It is an umbrella for all my goals, especially as I hit the realisation that my goals, my dreams, were intertwined. To achieve some of the loftier goals I needed meet some of my simpler objectives. Thus began my journey anew.

Welcome, please feel free to stick around and follow. There is always going to be something happening.